Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today after work I dropped by the local Hastings and found a bonanza of five new figures that I wanted. I will be featuring them over the next few days.

This is Aerith Gainesborough from Final Fantasy VII, but I know her better from her guest appearances in the Kingdom Hearts video games. She has 22 points of articulation, a spare pair of hands in different poses, and a clamp on a clear plastic stand to help display her (not to mention her nifty fighting staff). To a small group of my acquaintances the Kingdom Hearts games are almost a religion; in fact a friend of mine from work named his daughter after Aerith.

I included the pictures of the other two characters in the scan; they had Tifa (the other girl) at the store, but not Cloud Strife. He is a very popular character and the "one to get", I suppose; I'll have to scour other places to see if I can get one. Square Enix Products ( has been producing very good figures from video games, usually in groups of three or four.

At $24.99, she is definitely on the high end of the price scale.

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