Monday, March 23, 2009

The Question

Went to Target this week-end and found a three-pack from DC Universe: Justice League Unlimited that included The Flash, Wonder Woman and--The Question! I bought it for The Question, as I already have the others (a certain nephew and niece are due for a present each).

From the card: "In an attempt to stop the end of the world, the conspiracy theorist, The Question, tries in vain to take down CADMUS. He is rescued by The Justice League but soon finds himself in the middle of an all out battle with the cloned Ultramen!"

A short bit of history: The Question was created for Charlton comics, then bought by DC in the 80's. The character of Rorschach in Watchmen was Alan Moore's alternate/take on/tribute to the Question: both are trench-coated, fedora'd, "faceless" conspiracy theorists.

I got to know and love The Question in the Justice League Unlimited animated show, where he is voiced by the talented Jeffrey Coombs (of Re-animator fame). I like the idea of a hero whose only powers are thinking, investigation, suspicion, and an unusual face mask. The fact that he is a conspiracy theorist hero and kind of resembles William S. Burroughs in his dress sense also endear him to me.

The figure itself is 5 3/4 inches high, and the sculpt is a perfect echo of the animation style.


AlanDP said...

Never heard of him before, since I don't really keep up with comic superheroes. But he sounds like my kind of superhero. I'll have check him out.

John said...

The certain nephew and niece were thrilled! Thanks!