Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Those Narratives With Which You Have Afflicted A Long-Suffering Public"

I believe it was Loren D. Estleman who said somewhere that if Dr. Watson had written all the tales that have been posthumously assigned to him he would never have had time to actually join Sherlock Holmes on his cases. Here are some volumes of such collected efforts. There is no telling how many repetitions of tales are in these collections.

The Final Adventures of Sherlock Holmes...Collected by Peter Haining*

The Lost Adventures of Sherlock Holmes...Ken Greenwood**

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes...Collected by Roger Lancelyn Green

The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes...Adrian Conan Doyle and John Dickson Carr

The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes...Edited by Marvin Kaye

The Game Is Afoot...Edited by Marvin Kaye

The Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes...Donald Thomas

My Sherlock Holmes...Edited by Michael Kurland

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes...Edited by Martin Harry Greenburgh & Carol-Lynn Rossel Waugh

*Three different copies of this.
**Two copies of this; the stories are based on radio scripts by Denis Green and Anthony Boucher, featuring the talents of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

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AlanDP said...

I have a theory about that.

Holmes was obviously the Eternal Champion.

Watson was obviously the Eternal Sidekick.

Peter Haining is obviously the Eternal Chronicler.

No one knows this because it is the unique doom of the Eternal Chronicler that though he is the one to recounts the tales, no one knows of his existence.