Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Books A Day: #151

All titles are by Katherine Kurtz

Camber of Culdi

Saint Camber

Camber the Heretic

The Harrowing of Gwynnedd

King Javan's Year

The Bastard Prince

Deryni Rising

Deryni Checkmate

High Deryni

The Bishop's Heir

The King's Justice

The Quest For St. Camber

King Kelson's Bride

The Deryni Archive

Deryni Magic

Lately I've been hauling containers of books out of storage and going through them, thinning out what I feel I can do without now. Three or four years of separation gives you some perspective on what you really don't need to have. I'm happy to pass along some good stuff to my family, and looking forward to selling some other stuff to Half Price Books (the proceeds of which will probably go to getting more books--but fewer, so easier to have around). Anyway I've got seven tubs of books from storage that I'm keeping, and five tubs that are going out. I figure while I've got them here I should catalog the keeps into the 10 Books A Day posts, so here goes.

Today the list is of all my Katherine Kurtz books, all paperbacks as you can see. A quick look around the web informs me that I'm at least another trilogy behind on the Deryni books. I'm not sure how enthusiastically I'll be pursuing the latest books; the series seemed to me by the time of King Kelson's Bride to have evolved into a sort of soap-opera, a variety of story telling that never needed to ever come to any real denouement or satisfactory ending. I had succumbed to a kind of serial exhaustion, and I felt a decided absence of any of the sense of wonder for which I go to Fantasy. Also, I loved the Darrell K. Sweet covers, not the new ones so much.

Book Total: 1810.

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AlanDP said...

Same here. I stopped reading at the one before Kelson's Bride. When it came out, I looked it up and saw that he finally was actually going to get married and apparently his bride wasn't going to get murdered this time.

Okay, I thought, that's all I wanted to know. And I never read it.