Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Among The Ashes Of The Dustbins Of Your Mind

I recently cleaned out my storage (one of the reasons my posts have been so scanty on the ground) and came across a few interesting educational relics. These scans are from a workbook called From Sounds To Words, from a workbook of the SRA Aqua Unit, and from Highlights, the monthly book for children. Everybody of a certain age remembers Goofus and Gallant, but how many recall The Timbertoes, by John Gee?


Brer said...

Yowch. Since I posted this I found out The Timbertoes was still running in at least the new century, drawn and written of course by different people.

Babel said...

What a great collection! I remember reading that exact SRA like it was yesterday. The Timbertoes and the hidden images puzzle were the only things that I really enjoyed in Highlights. G and G were fun too, but I hated both of 'em. Reminds me of waiting in the Dr.'s waiting room as a kid. (I can almost smell the alcohol!)