Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beasts of Revelation: Monster Week Day 5

Back in the early Seventies, my family belonged to...a peculiar religion. Even the people in charge did not call what they did Christianity, although they used a Bible, of sorts, translated by a mystery inner cabal to fit their odd beliefs. They were a Millerite-type religion, constantly setting dates for the end of the world, duffing it, then hastily covering their behinds, all the while proclaiming the infallibility of their pronouncements. Anyway, at the time every single book and "magazine" (as they called their pamphlets) was illustrated with these Jack Chick-like cartoons of Revelation, showing their unique spin and interpretation of John's visions of the end times, including their own political gloss on their meaning. Eventually my parents wised up and we left their organization, but not before I missed every birthday, Christmas, Halloween, and secular holiday between the ages of six and fourteen (such celebrations were deemed worldly and even demonic). By the time I got out, we knew who the real monsters were.


AlanDP said...

I like the last one. It makes it look like the "witness" is secretly the beast.

Also, it's "Revelation," without an "s." That always bugs me.

Brer said...

You're quite right; I've removed the offending "s."