Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daily Window On A World Of Wonder: My "New" Blog

For the past few months I've been publishing a different blog. The reason I started it is very simple. I find, while I roam around the web, images I just love, pictures evocative and inspiring, and I put them all in my library. I'd like to share them, but don't always have a lot to say about them, so I simply post them (with the artist's name, when I know it) at dailywindowonaworldofwonder.blogspot.com. It's a little something I can do every day, even when I'm too tired to compose a whole post. So I hope anyone who enjoys PowerOfBabel will also like the Daily Window.

1 comment:

AlanDP said...

Subscribed. I'll look through all the back posts as soon as I get a chance.