Thursday, January 10, 2013

Master Fabio, Castle Historian

Master Fabio, castle historian, appears in the 1971 Hammer horror movie, Countess Dracula. He disguises his astute mind under the cover of elderly geniality as he investigates the disappearance of young girls and other strange happenings at the castle of the Countess, who has taken to bathing in the blood of virgins to restore her youth. Unfortunately, his efforts do not conclude happily for himself.

Master Fabio was played by Maurice Denham (1909-2002), a British actor who specialized in older characters of a somewhat befuddled nature. He appeared in (besides many other movies and TV shows) Curse of the Demon (1957, as Professor Henry Harrington), the Jackanory presentation of a selection from The Hobbit (1979, as the Reader), 84 Charing Cross Road (1987, as George Martin), and Dr. Who: The Twin Dilemma (1989, as Edgeworth/Azmael), just to name a few roles significant to me and people I know.

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