Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Minority Interest To Mainstream Popularity

"...I felt on the one hand vindicated and on the other a little deflated, as though the crowd had found their way into the secret garden. One of the most unattractive human traits, and so easy to fall into, is the resentment at the sudden shared popularity of a previously private pleasure. Which of us hasn't been annoyed when a band, writer, artist or television series that had been a minority interest of ours has suddenly achieved mainstream popularity? When it was at a cult level we moaned at the philistinism of a world that didn't appreciate it, and now that they do appreciate it we're all resentful and dog-in-the-manger about it."

---Stephen Fry, The Fry Chronicles, p. 370.

I know I felt this way after the Lord of the Rings films came out, if the vast fandom Tolkien had before can be considered a "minority" compared to the widespread awareness it now enjoys. Still have twinges of that annoyance now and then.

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