Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Strangely Creepy and Creepily Strange


AlanDP said...

Nice collection. The skull floating or flying down the stairs reminds me strongly of what in the game Doom was called a Lost Soul, except the Lost Souls were skulls trailing flames rather than just smoke or mist. I had a night terror about one once, many years ago. Thought I was going to die of fright.

The tall skinny thing walking away hand in hand with the small child must be part of the Slenderman phenomenon? If it's older than Slenderman, then that would be pretty creepy all on its own.

Brer said...

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's a Slenderman image--though I collected it before I had heard of Slenderman. It reminds me of that old photographic trick of turning the picture so that the elongated shadows look like people and the people are their shadows.