Saturday, November 12, 2016

Remember When This Blog Was All About Action Figures?

Many years ago (in 1982, in fact) my brothers, sister, and I all banded together to see Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal." It was a fun experience, marred only by the loud father behind us explaining the movie to his kids, and constantly referring to the Mystics as "the armadillos" (you must remember, this was in Texas). We were at the height of the Kenner Star Wars action figure phase, and I longed for action figures of Gelflings, Mystics, and Skesis to flesh out my scanty Fantasy figures.

Over the years there have appeared some disappointing entries: some oddly colored figures of Jen and a Pod Person, the Chamberlain from NECA. But now that I have no money to spend on them Funko ReAction Figures has produced a line (and in the tradition of Kenner figures, at that). Perhaps in time I'll be able to afford them, but they'll probably be scarce and much more expensive by then. But, until then, I can at least gaze longingly at them.

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