Saturday, April 19, 2008

Obituary Page

It is my sad duty to report the demise of a much-loved action figure, the Boy from the Fisher-Price Adventure People, popularly known as Will from the role he often played of Will Stanton, dressed in a cloth Jawa robe. For over twenty-five years he had the part of The Kid in any playing, especially in the early years of action figures when characters such as himself were rare. His bland, affable features were a perfect transparent palette on which to project any personality. As late as last week he had a part in a family drama, as played by my niece and her friend. He finally succumbed to hip-joint weakness as his pelvis cracked.

His funeral was attended by an honor guard of six Anakin Skywalker variants, and speakers included Will Robinson from Lost in Space and Ben Tennyson from Ben 10. As the Wild Child from Mad Max: Road Warrior stated in a telegram from the Big Black Toy Box: "He led the way for all of us in our field. We can never hope to match his endurance or his versatility." His pieces will be preserved in his own private plastic bag.


Zstoystoreguy said...

As news of your loss flowed through the community here at Z's toys & more, many were deeply saddened at the passing of "Adventure Boy" (that is how many here new him). His exploits, of which I new not one, were told to me with great enthusiasm and eventual sadness. Wez from Mad Max: Road Warrior was particularly touched by his passing, but I do not know if it was from sadness or from his evil inner joy of the passing of a rival.
We here at Z's toys hope his memory lives long and his adventures are never forgotten.

Anonymous said...

"i will not say do not cry;for not all tears are an evil."
RIP adventure boy...