Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Vash the Stampede

Vash the Stampede, a.k.a. The Humanoid Typhoon. From Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke. I've been trying to an action figure of Vash for years, and always regretted not getting the McFarlane Vash in his anime line. This Vash is produced and manufactured by Kaiyodo, and distributed by Diamond Comics ( Comes with his various guns and the mysterious little cat that always follows him around.

In Trigun, humanity has seeded a distant, desert planet, where existence makes many choose violent means to survive. Wandering the planet is Vash the Stampede, the only person ever to be classified as a natural disaster. Wherever he goes, calamity follows, and many blame him for what happens. But as those who know him best realize, he has a deep respect for life, and it is only his actions that mitigate the disasters around him.

I got this Vash new at Acme Comix, for $19.99. I also got a used Nicholas Wolfwood from the same series for $6.99, with all his bits, including his trademark cross-shaped gun and model church for donations.

Whew. I had the hardest time composing this post because my nephew is here, watching a movie and asking a thousand questions about it all at once.

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AlanDP said...

Wow. I'd like to see the Wolfwood with cross. He's my favorite Trigun character.