Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife. Enemy of Sephiroth. Love interest of Aerith. Side story in Kingdom Hearts and major player in Final Fantasy. Bit of a moody stiff, to tell the truth. And never, never in all the time I've known him has he ever picked up a check. Not even a lousy cup of coffee. He hasn't called his mother in three years. Always too busy fighting and brooding about his destiny. And let me tell you, after a bout with Sephiroth that leather smells none too fresh. He doesn't deserve Aerith, that's for sure, but she is so sweet and so patient...she's just wasting herself on him, if you ask me. Wasting herself. >sighs<
Well, yada yada yada, 22 points of articulation, Square Enix, and so forth.

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