Thursday, September 27, 2012

Design Homages?

Is it just me, or is there perhaps a bit of design homage in the grossly distended chin of the Goblin King of Peter Jackson's new Hobbit film, and those of the goblins in the Rankin/Bass production of The Hobbit?


AlanDP said...

The chin doesn't bother me, but those floppy pink nipples are giving me the creeps.

Brer said...

It looks like Lord Witherball's sack.

Brer said...

A disturbing idea intrudes. What if this Great Goblin is, in Phillipa Boyens fevered imagination, a Goblin QUEEN, no less than the dowager of Azog and mother of Bolg? It would give the Goblins a lot more reason to attack the Dwarves at the Lonely Mountain. The actor who plays this character is best known for his crossdress persona, Dame Edna.