Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Books and DVDs

Only one more season to go!

This 1933 all-star cast version features odd effects and grotesque masks, and a bit of Fleischer animation on "The Walrus and the Carpenter." Memorable to me mainly because I watched part of it on a Christmas visit to my grandmother's when I was about six.

The last (as far as I know) volume of the Simpsons' Library of Wisdom that I needed for the collection. Not the Groening teams best offering.

A pithy collection of gnomic utterances from movies and books, with meditations thereon of the teachings embodied.

Collection culled from the works of Chesterton of short and stunning summations on a variety of subjects. Example: "Umbrella: an unmanageable walking stick or an inadequate tent."

The first (of what I am sure will be many) movie tie-in that I have purchased, and perhaps my fourteenth copy of The Hobbit. Includes the line illustrations and maps, and as a bonus the first chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring.

A previously viewed copy; at last I'll see what all the uproar was about.

Got it for a dollar at a Good Will store, and money well spent. Imagine Narnia and Harry Potter crossed with Brideshead Revisited and Less Than Zero.

Not the first year the strip was published, but apparently the first they're publishing in collections. Volume Two is already out.

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