Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cryptozoological Playset

AlanDP over at Blogonomicon ( has brought to my attention that Accoutrements is bringing out a set of cryptid figures in February. The Cryptozoological Playset will include five of the all-time great mysterious monsters: Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster (in three segments), Mothman, the Jersey Devil, and a Chupacabra. These figures appear not to be action toys, but single molded PVC figures. The Bigfoot bears a very close resemblance to their scuplt of the Bigfoot action figure, which included an inkpad and a footprint shaped stamp on the bottom of it's feet for making the famous tracks. The price is $14.99, and they are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth (

Also in the news at Entertainment Earth: they've pushed back the release for the new Kingdom Hearts figures to February.


Babel said...

What are your votes for the next batch?

Brer said...

That is a bit of a poser. Many of the others cryptids are simply variations of these types: yetis and almas are like Bigfoot; Champ and Ogopogo are like Nessie.

Perhaps the next set could be of "alien" types, like the Grays or the Reptilians. Or it could be of "supernatural" types, like the Bell Witch or Gef the Talking Mongoose.