Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Few Old Memories Without Comment

Pictured from bottom to top: cereal premiums from the old Saturday morning cartoon "Around The World In Eighty Days"; Palmer Monster "little animals" (we had the Wolfman); and talking hand puppet from cartoon show "Off To See The Wizard."


Babel said...

I remember that we also had the cyclops back in the day, I remember because it scared me, we lost it and i remember searching the driveway for it for some reason. We got Dracula and Gorgo years later through some weird reissuing.

AlanDP said...

The "80 Days" figures ring an old, rusty bell somewhere in the back of my memories; I may have had one of them. Very curious is that I was remembering this show yesterday (for some reason).

The others I don't remember.

Brer said...

It's peculiar I have absolutely no memory of having the Cyclops; perhaps it scared me too, I got rid of it, and covered up the memory! This set looks like a recast to me, somehow; maybe it's the plastic tabs still on some of the figures. When Palmer Monsters first came out it cost 50 cents a bag; the last time I checked the going price for an original package was $200.

The "80 Days" figure we got was Lord Maze, the one on the farthest left. I loved that show, especially Fogg's proto-McGuyver talents with the contents of his carpetbag. Some years ago I taped a compilation show of it on Showtime. During my childhood there seemed to be a sort of cultural fad for Victorian adventure, perhaps a subject for future blogs.

"Off To See The Wizard" premeired in '67, so it was slightly beyond the bonds of my memory, if I ever saw it, and unlike other cartoons of that year it was never rerun. However, a classmate brought the puppet to school when I was in 2nd grade, and as fascinated as I was with Oz I borrowed it long enough to make it malfunction (OK, I might have broken it). It was produced by the immortal Chuck Jones.

So my post without comment has more comments than usual. Oh, the irony!

Brer said...

Beg pardon, the figure on the right is Lord Maze.