Monday, June 15, 2009

10 Books A Day: #53

The Leprechaun's Kingdom...Peter Haining...Harmony Books

American Folklore And Legend...The Reader's Digest Association, Inc....Reader's Digest

Wizards: A Magical History Tour...Tim Dedopulos...Carlton Books

Wizardology: A Guide To Wizards Of The World...Douglas Steer & A. J. Wood...Candlewick Press

The Silver Trumpet...Owen Barfield...Bookmakers Guild, Inc.

Ghost Stories...ill. Walt Sturrock...Unicorn

Conan: The Ultimate Guide To The World's Most Savage Barbarian...Roy Thomas...DK Publishing

Tomart's Encyclopedia & Price Guide To Action Figure Collectibles Volumes I, II, & III...Bill Sikora & T. N. Tumbusch...Tomart Publications

The Peter Haining book is a great collection of line drawings and gray-tone pictures from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries...The line drawing artist for the Wizardology book (a tie-in to the popular game) does the best job I've ever seen of reproducing the style of the old Andrew Lang and Joseph Jacobs fairy tale collections illustrations by a modern artist...Owen Barfield was a friend of C. S. Lewis; I'm finding it hard to get into this book, though, because I hate the typeface, a sort of art nouveau that I associate with cheesy 1970's productions--shallow, I know...Ghost Stories is another Unicorn book, comprised of tales all in the public domain, but Sturrock is far from a Hildebrandt when it comes to an artist...The Tomart guides are great in that they include pictures of most of the action figures they list.

Book Count: 666.

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John said...

Haining provided a wonderful contribution at a time when this kind of art was spread here there and everywhere...We owe him much!