Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 Books A Day: #55

The Enchanted World...Time Life Books


Giants And Ogres

Legends Of Valor

Fairies And Elves

Spells And Bindings

Magical Justice

The Book Of Christmas

Wizards And Witches

The Book Of Beginnings

Night Creatures

The Secret Arts

Water Spirits

Magical Beasts


Seekers And Saviors


Fabled Lands

The Fall Of Camelot

Tales Of Terror

Who else remembers Vincent Price flogging this series by Time Life Books back in the 80's? These are good books, full of classic and new art, but readers should be aware they are full of embellishment and sometimes modern "spin," and not to be taken as scholarly or encyclopedic, like the classic "Man, Myth, and Magic". Financial situations made me have to quit the series before I could get all the books; I'm not sure which are missing.

Book Count: 711.

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AlanDP said...

I'm pretty sure I have all of them. I seem to remember canceling, but then someone from Time/Life called me and said there were only three more left for me to complete the set, so I got them all. I'll check through the list and see which ones you don't have.