Friday, June 20, 2008

Bender and Kif Kroker

Yesterday, thanks to the good efforts of my friend at Z's Toys and More, I got the two figures of Futurama Series Three by Toynami, Bender and Kif Kroker. With them came the final elements to complete the figure of the Robot Devil.
Bender Bending Rodriguez comes with three interchangeable eye units: angry, emotionless, and scared. His accessories include a bottle of booze, a can of Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil, a pile of cash, and the Robot Devil's cane and top hat. His chest cavity actually opens so you can store stuff in there. I found the Robot Devil's top hat slightly disappointing because it has no hole or hollow in the crown; it is simply solid plastic and sits on top of the RB's head. It would have been sweet to have a top hat you could put on other figure's heads as well.
Kif Kroker, Captain Zap Brannigan's much put-upon second in command and boyfriend of Amy Wong, comes with a framed picture of Amy, the cowboy hat he wore in the episode "Where The Buggalo Roam," one of the enemy Ball aliens ("Balls Thoroughly Licked!"), and the Robot Devil's legs. His hat is completely wearable, but is big, blue, and cartoony. It looks like the Homer Simpson action figure could wear it with complete fittingness.
So now I had all the parts needed for the Robot Devil, and I quickly assembled them all. But "Oh what an appallingly ironic outcome!", one of his horns, which had fallen off months ago when I attached the head to the torso, has gone astray, so he is even now incomplete. I know I put it in a completely safe place. I just can't remember where, curse it. It'll turn up someday, I'm sure, when I'm looking for something else. Then I won't be able to find the body.
Coming in the future: Fry as Captain Yesterday, Bender as Super Robot King, Leela as Clobberella, Amy Wong, Calculon, and Lrr of the planet Omicron Perseii 8. What, no Professor?


AlanDP said...

What, no Morbo?

Anonymous said...

What, no Welshy?