Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Owl Spotting

Sunday morning while I was waiting for my ride to work I saw a pale head with dark eyes poking up over the rim of the hill. For just a split second I thought, "That looks a lot like an alien." Then it turned and dipped its tawny head to the ground, and I saw that it was an owl--a large owl. By its size I think it must have been a great horned owl, and not the smaller screech owl. After it pecked at the ground a few more times (probably at its morning meal) it flew up to a branch and sat so motionless for about twenty minutes that if I didn't know it was there and saw its head move occassionally I probably wouldn't have seen it. I'm always surprised we have so much wildlife around here, and we're almost in the center of town.


AlanDP said...

The owls are not what they seem.

AlanDP said...

But seriously, it could have also been a barred owl. They're pretty big, too.