Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crest Toothpaste Premiums: Where They At?

Many yarons ago, when we were all young and alive, Crest toothpaste had these cool toy premiums. We got a lion, an elephant, and an alligator. Some time later at a garage sale we got a bear. The rhino, shown above, we never actually saw, but this is the only picture--the only picture--of any one I have ever seen, anywhere, on the internet.

We still have the lion and the elephant. The bear got chewed up by the lawnmower. The alligator was mine. I loved it. It was cartoony enough to pass for a dragon, and that's what it was in many of my playings. I remember building a tower with tinkertoys for it. It mysteriously "disappeared" after a visit from our cousin, Evil Evie.

I would love to see even just a picture of it again.


Anonymous said...

I have some photos of the Rhino and the Dragon/Alligator. They are both still in my possession, so if you want views from every side or a specific angle, I'd be happy to snap them for you & send you the digital files. I do eventually plan to sell them since I've slowly been geeting rid of all my Action Figures, toys, games and whatnot from my youth. I realize this is a very late reply but I was doing some research on these figures and only just now came across your post. Email me at I probably have him because I was crazy for anything that looked like a DInosaur or Crocodile and I believe my older brother gave these to me cuz he was a Crest user and I hate Crest. I used Colgate even as a Tot. My big bro' was probably thinking, "Hey, I'll get some toothpaste and toss a toy to the little guy at the same time!" We were each allowed to choose our toothpaste brand in the store which then went into our Christmas Stocking. Weird, huh? That's probably why he got the Family Size Box. I'm in my forties now and up until a couple of years ago, my parents STILL mailed me and my wife a list to fill out for a Stockings that included which brand of toothpaste we wanted! Email me and maybe we can connect via Facebook.
Yours truly, Dave.... who does indeed like Rats (as pets)

Brer said...

Thank you for your offer, but not only do I now have pictures, I actually have a complete set, including one of my beloved Allie! I meant to do an update when I got them, but the opportunity slipped by, and I forgot.