Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dungeons of Isengard Orc Captain

This is it. This is really, really it. The last, the very last LOTR action figure needed to complete my collection. Oh, sure, I could use a Gate Troll and a Fell Beast, but those are "special" items. This is the last figure: the Dungeons of Isengard Orc Captain. Or the Chef Orque des Donjons D'Isengard, as the Canadian bilingual packaging declares him.

And what a figure he is. Though no taller than most human-size figures in the line (6"), he has heft: he is the only fat figure in the series. Even his packing bubble is 1/3 deeper to accomodate his proportions. He is armored, mailed, booted, and gloved from toe to neck, and he carries an enormous mallet and an orc-sword that shows the design change from elf to goblin in it's ancestry. His head is mostly bald with a tripartite top-knot that shows off his pointed ears well. His beautifully sculpted neck-fat fold, his dark-circled yellow eyes, and his fangs protruding over blubbered lips all declare: Look out. Not only will he kill you, he will eat you. And not necessarily in that order.

What a lovely puncuation point he makes to my LOTR action figure collecting, and only 4 or 5 years since the movies concluded. Next: on to army building. And then, of course, The Hobbit. And thirteen dwarves...

UPDATE: Well, I have actually unpacked him and found out that part of what seemed a huge belly is really his armor. Also that his toes are sticking out of his leggings. And he has that most dreaded of action figure features, a mechanical action activated by a button on his back. But he's still great.

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Anonymous said...

Fat figures rule! Nothin' better than a big chunk O' platic in your hand! They should have made the fat orc who was chopping trees outside of Fangorn forest. I'm sure he would have had a stupid button in his back for "axe chopping action!"