Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Broll Bearmantle and Zabra Hexx

I will admit that I know next to nothing about the World of Warcraft. It might be a fine product, and the comics and books spun off it might be complex, spirit-sustaining soup for the imaginative soul. From the outside it looks like Cup-o-Noodle to me, but again, I could be wrong. But what I do know is that every now and then it spits out a nice looking action figure or two, and I have to buy them.

Such are Broll Bearmantle, a Night Elf Druid, and Zabra Hexx, a Troll Priest. The size of the figures, the fineness of the sculpting detail, and the reasonable pricing ($16.99 for each, at our local Hastings) make them very attractive acquisitions, indeed.

I especially like Broll Bearmantle. He's not exactly my conception of an Elf, but his woodland design of green hair, antlers, and fur and leather armor could make him a close cousin to the Green Knight, and that's "Faerie" enough for me. His antlered and hoofed staff is a great accessory.

Zabra Hexx looks a lot like the Oriental conception of an "ogre", especially with those curving tusks, stiff red hair, and gilded armor appointments. His staff, being a skull surrounded with Egyptian-like blue and red rays, doesn't engage my attention so much ("Skulls, my dear! Really, how seven centuries ago!").

Both figures have little articulation, and thus fall more in the "poseable model" category. The staffs come apart so they can be placed in the figures' closed grip, then popped together for a secure hold.

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