Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Last Saturday

Last Saturday we went to San Antonio and did the rounds. That is to say, we visited six or seven stores in one fell swoop, to save money on gas, as it's about 30 miles to and 30 miles back.

Anyway, at Toys'R'Us I got a double set of Edmund and the Gryphon from Prince Caspian. It came with a sword and a piece that attaches to the deluxe Castle playset. Just another incentive to the temptation to buy that playset, but it's $70. The Gryphon is great, but it's foreclaws are set in a grip that makes it hard to stand.

We also went to Big Lots in New Braunfels on the way home, and they had a ton of The Golden Compass figures and vehicles. I bought the polar bear (the good one, voiced by Ian McKellan). It was $6; the humans were $3, but I already had them all from Florida months ago, at the same price.

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