Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Three more Hellboy2: The Golden Army action figures acquired! While wandering the wasteland, waiting for my doctor's appointment, I whiled a little time away at Hastings, as is my wont. There, on the other side of the Hellboy display where I found my Hellboy figure Sunday, I find more figures. I quickly snatch up Abe Sapien, Wink, and Prince Nuala. They accompany me to the waiting room, to the examination room, and on the walk home. When questioned, I cravenly claim they are "birthday presents" for others. Yeah, birthday presents. Usually I proudly claim action figures when asked about them, but I have psychological awe of doctor's offices. Anyway, this just leaves Liz Sherman and Johann Krauss to be got.

The Abe Sapien figure was good, but I would have preferred the sculpt of the head to have featured his eyes rather than the goggles. I know that is how he has to appear through most of the movie, but the eyes would have been more expressive.

Prince Nuala is well done, but I found his weapons to be rather blocky, not as elegant as they look in the movie.

Wink, Prince Nuala's trollish associate, is in some ways the best of the lot. The heft of this figure is a perfect echo of the weight of the character in the movie. His accessories of Mace Fist and Iron Box are perfect. But his head is from an older CGI version that was changed in production. His older look was more vicious; the one actually shown in the movie is more...well, personable. Mezco includes a form offering a free new alternate head if you send the form in with the bar code. Which is nice of them.

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