Sunday, August 31, 2008


The action figure of Fuu from Samurai Champloo. I've had the figures of Mugen and Jin for some time, and only needed Fuu to complete the triad. While Mugen might be the guts of the outfit and Jin the brain, Fuu is the heart of the group. This is not to say she is all mushy and sentimental; rather her common sense and down to earth qualities are what bring the gang together and motivates their adventures.

Fuu as "the girl" action figure has been hard to track down. The paradox of their production is that fewer of them get made because they are supposedly less popular, which makes them more collectible and thus more highly sought. But one came up on eBay last week and I snagged it, and here we are. The packaging was in poor shape, which probably led both to it's reasonable price and it's being up for sale at all; that's fine with me, because I bust them open anyway.

Anyway, to the particulars: the figure was made by Jazwares, Inc. for the Geneon animation company. Fuu is seven inches tall, and comes with a host of acessories. These include two extra heads (Hair Unbound and Wet Weather Gear), a little pink knife with sheath, rice bowl, ship-shaped food server with sushi, journal (yay! a book!), and Momo, her pet flying squirrel. There is also a base for her foot. You can see them all above in the picture I snagged off Google; this is how toys should be displayed and I envy whoever made this set-up.

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