Saturday, August 2, 2008

Liz Sherman and Johann Krauss

Just a note today to say I got the last two Hellboy 2 figures of Series One. They are Liz Sherman, Hellboy's firestarting inamorata, and Johann Krauss, his ectoplasmic superior in the BPRD. They are both 7 inches tall.

Liz Sherman has two alternative hands, one with a blue flame and the other with a gun. People who have seen this figure say it doesn't look much like her. I think a female face is much subtler in the features that make it characteristic, and are that much harder to mold convincingly at this scale.

Johann Krauss, being an ectoplasmic person inside a kind of old-fashioned diving suit, has no features, as such. He comes with an alternate broken glass helmet and two alternative "plasma hands," with some finely molded billows coming from the figures.

Will Series Two come out? Time will tell.

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