Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got: Part 3

Back in the day you had to take your toys however you could get them. The original "Liddle Kiddles" were girl toys that came in large plastic toy perfume bottles. But a subsidiary line consisted of four "Kosmic-Kiddles", that came in the George Jetson-style flying saucer as you can see above. We browbeat our Mom to get us one (in this very color scheme , called the "Purple Gurple") and happily used it with other toys in other playings. The fruity little "kiddle" was subjected to any number of indignities; as a figure we didn't care what happened to it. The saucer came with a rectangular base of jagged purple rocks that was a setting for many an outer space playing. The plastic dome was eventually detached and got cracked and thrown away, but we still have the saucer. Mint condition ones are available, but seeing a complete picture and having the only part that we really cared about is enough.

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