Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fast Away The Old Year Passes

Well, the last hours of 2008 are ticking away, and as usual here in Texas we weigh the joys of fireworks with the fear of grass fires in a drought. If we could trust our drunk, carefree, joyous, stupid neighbors to be as responsible as we are, we would have a lot less worry, but then again, whuddyagunnado?

The year is ending; the long holiday slide from Halloween to New Year's is coming to a close, and ordinary life is beginning to assert itself. For the past few days I've been pestered with thoughts of reform, re-organizing, and new projects. This has probably been fueled by the post-Christmas clean-up. Just today I've been doing a few things I've been meaning to do for a while, like opening The Year Without A Santa Claus action figures I got months ago. The idea of clearing the decks and starting anew is in the air.

I have a couple of new features I've been pondering for the blog for a while, and hope to implement them soon. In the meantime, a Happy New Year to all.


Babel said...

Why is "time" always represented in masculine imagery? It can be argued that the female is perhaps more responsible for bringing us into the temporal plane. And many times their influence can hasten our leaving it. (I'm a baaad boy!) Happy New Year to all!

Brer said...

My personal theory is it's because it's always screwing us.

No, but really it's because Chronos and Saturn became the same god in the Old Old Days. The Latin motto on the banner translates "Only virtue survives this blade."