Monday, December 15, 2008

Frosty The Snowman Action Figures

I have a lot of action figures based on Christmas specials: A Charlie Brown Christmas, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Year Without A Santa Claus, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Mickey's Christmas Carol. And now Frosty The Snowman joins the gang.

This batch of action figures actually spans three different specials. Frosty himself debuted in Frosty the Snowman; Crystal, Parson Brown, and Jack Frost were introduced in Frosty's Winter Wonderland; and the snow children Millie and Chilly were first seen in Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas In July.

We found these figures at Toys'R'Us. Although available in individual packages, I bought the Frosty Family in its complete package for $24.99. It is comprised of Frosty, Crystal, Millie, Chilly, and snow dog Willie. Accessories include snow base with snowflower bush and North Pole sign; sled for the kids, snowflower bouquet for Crystal, and broom and removable hat for Frosty.

Figures only available in individual packages ($7.99) were Parson Brown, with removable hat and good book, and Jack Frost, with inanimate snow figure and "wrong hat". (By the way, the Jack Frost in the 1976 Frosty's Winter Wonderland looks like he could indeed be the same Jack Frost who looked younger and kinder in the 1979 Jack Frost, only now aged and bitter after hundreds of years since losing his love Elisa. Such are the musings of a man with way too much time on his hands.)

Figures are about 5 inches tall, Jack Frost and the children smaller in proportion. Basic construction is a light hollow plastic shell; a good choice as solid construction would have been way too heavy. Figures are jointed at neck, shoulders, and legs. Frosty and Parson Brown's hat attach to their heads by using interior magnets. Frosty, Chilly, and Millie's mufflers are all fabric, as is Crystal's apron; I generally hate having cloth accents on figures as they are a little flimsy and can get very dirty, but these seem to work alright, so whayyagunnado? They are produced by Forever Fun at


Anonymous said...

These look real nice but the crafty magician and the bunny from the original shoyld also be produced!

Brer said...

Agreed. That would be Professor Hinkel and Hocus Pocus. I think they should have the little girl Karen too.