Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 Books A Day: #84

Lord Foul's Bane...Stephen R. Donaldson...Del Rey
The Illearth War...Stephen R. Donaldson...Del Rey
The Power That Preserves...Stephen R. Donaldson...Del Rey
The Wounded Land...Stephen R. Donaldson...Del Rey
The One Tree...Stephen R. Donaldson...Del Rey
White Gold Wielder...Stephen R. Donaldson...Del Rey
Dinner At Deviant's Palace...Tim Powers...Ace
The Drawing Of The Dark...Tim Powers...Del Rey
The Anubis Gates...Tim Powers...Ace
Earthquake Weather...Tim Powers...Tor
On Stranger Tides...Tim Powers...Ace
The Stress Of Her Regard...Tim Powers...Ace
The Illearth War was one of the first three paperbacks I ever bought for myself (the other two were The Face in the Frost by John Bellairs and The Source of Magic by Piers Anthony). It's hard to realize that I've been reading Donaldson for thirty years now. I enjoyed the First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant immensely; the Second not quite as much; now I am two-thirds through the Third and Final Chronicles and my enthusiasm is mild but there. I cannot tell exactly if this is due to any loss of impact in Donaldson or to loss of passion in myself. One grows a little cagey with one's heart as one gets older, not expending it so lavishly as one did in youth. Is this wisdom, or merely exhaustion?
The Drawing of the Dark was the first Tim Powers book I ever read, and as a Del Rey it is one of the most obviously "fantastic" stories he's told yet. He really hit his stride with the historical fantasy of The Anubis Gates, and came to full and wonderful bloom in his Kingdom of the West books, of which Earthquake Weather is the third volume. And if the writers of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies didn't have On Stranger Tides in front of them, I'll eat my tricorn hat.
Book Count: 1072.

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