Saturday, July 25, 2009

10 Books A Day: #93

Fungi From Yuggoth & Other Poems...H. P. Lovecraft...Ballantine Books
The Shadow Over Innsmouth and Other Stories Of Horror...H. P. Lovecraft...Scholastic
The Lurker At The Threshold...H. P. Lovecraft with August Derleth...Beagle Books
The Colour Out Of Space...H. P. Lovecraft...Jove/HBJ
The Dunwich Horror and Others...H. P. Lovecraft...Jove/HBJ
The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath...H. P. Lovecraft...Ballantine Books
The Horror In The Museum and Other Revisions...H. P. Lovecraft and others...Ballantine Books
The Doom That Came To Sarnath and Other Stories...H. P. Lovecraft...Del Rey
The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward...H. P. Lovecraft...Del Rey
Tales Of The Cthulhu Mythos Volume I...H. P. Lovecraft...Ballantine Books
Tales Of The Cthulhu Mythos Volume II...H. P. Lovecraft...Ballantine Books
The Tomb and Other Tales...H. P. Lovecraft...Ballantine Books
At The Mountains Of Madness...H. P. Lovecraft...Ballantine Books
The Lurking Fear...H. P. Lovecraft...Ballantine Books
The Shuttered Room and Other Tales of Horror...H. P. Lovecraft with August Derleth...Ballantine Books
The Watchers Out Of Time...H. P. Lovecraft...Carroll & Graf
The Loved Dead...H. P. Lovecraft...Carroll & Graf
Book Count: 1174.

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AlanDP said...

Well, some of these covers I've never seen, some I have. The n*sf*r*t* (I remember how you are about that word)-looking Deep One cover was of course my first exposure to Lovecraft in 7th grade. Later found it used somewhere.

I have "The Colour Out of Space" collection with the Elder Thing on the cover, found at Paperback Ranch I believe, and it was a good find for me because it included one story that I didn't have in any of my other collections, I think it was "The Terrible Old Man."

I had never seen that collection of Fungi from Yuggoth and other poetry before, that looks like a good book to have. Most of his macabre poetry I have in bits and pieces, here and there, but not all collected in one place.

I don't remember if I ever showed you the hardback poetry collection I have called "A Winter Wish and other poems," it's a collection of his conventional poetry, only has one macabre poem that I can think of, called "The Cats." It offers an interesting glimpse into many of his thoughts and opinions on the state of the world he lived in that you don't get to see in his horror fiction/poetry.