Monday, July 27, 2009

10 Books A Day: #95

All titles are by C. S. Lewis unless otherwise noted.
Out Of The Silent Planet...Macmillan Publishing Co. Inc.
Perelandra...Macmillan Publishing Co. Inc.
That Hideous Strength...Colliers
The Screwtape Letters...Macmillan
The Great Divorce...Macmillan
The Weight Of Glary and Other Addresses...Macmillan
Mere Christianity...Macmillan
The Abolition Of Man...Macmillan
The Problem Of Pain...Macmillan
A Grief Observed...Bantam
The Seeing Eye...Ballantine Books
The Grand Miracle and Other Essays...Ballantine Books
Brothers And Friends: The Diaries Of Major Warren Hamilton Lewis...W. H. Lewis, ed. Clyde S. Kilby & Marjorie Lamp Mead...Ballantine Books
The copies of The Space Trilogy books (of which the first two covers are shown) are peculiar to me because they are the only things my grandmother ever bought me. I have two copies each of That Hideous Strength, Mere Christianity, and The Abolition Of Man; whenever I find an inexpensive duplicate of a good book I already have, I like to get lending copies.
Book Count: 1199.

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