Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Could This Man Be Bilbo?

As far as I know, the casting for Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming adaptation of The Hobbit has not been decided yet. One name that has not been thrown into the ring yet (yuk-yuk), as far as I know, is Colin Firth. The first time I saw him in his role in Nanny McPhee (above) I thought, Here is a man who could do it. I could see him ageing into Ian Holm's Bilbo Baggins. I could see him as Bilbo, especially in the scene above, when he is dressed in a green coat and yellow waistcoat, nervously confronting Angela Lansbury (who made a good stand-in for Lobelia), and the scene following, when he chases down the lane after her coach (Bilbo running to The Green Dragon Inn). I know there is no chance in Hell that Guillermo del Toro will ever see this, but if there is any cosmic justice, it might possibly happen.

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John said...

You sold me on him!