Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hogsqueal, Dammit

I admit it. I was weak. After all my complaining about 'Jared Grace', the minute I saw the Hogsqueal action figure at Hastings I bought it. $13.99. And it does indeed have all the flaws that seem endemic to this line. The right arm is ratchetty and and loose. The sculpt doesn't seem quite true to the dimensions of the character in the movie. And the tree base is hollow in the back so you can't look at it in the round. So why did I buy it?

Well, it's a fantasy character. And a pig in an overcoat. And my nephew when he saw it lighted up with excitement, and he seems to love the movie of The Spiderwick Chronicles. So I'll let him play with it, and maybe later if he still likes it and the new is rubbed off, maybe I'll let him keep it.


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