Wednesday, March 5, 2008


In an area geared largely to kids, you can imagine that smoking accessories are fairly rare. However, there are a few, mainly coming with action figures made for older audiences. Above are the eight I've collected in 30 years.

First pipe, top row: Came with Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Neca).
Second pipe, top row: Came with Captain Nemo (Mezco).
Third pipe, top row: A bit of a cheat here. This pipe came with a cheap plastic Topo Gigo mouse from the county fair. We used it for years as a prop in Mego playings.

First pipe, bottom row: This black pipe came with Sherlock Holmes (Accoutrements).
Second pipe, bottom row: This brown and gold pipe came with Carl Jung (Accoutrements).
Third pipe, bottom row: Before Toy Biz came along with the LOTR movie action figures, Toy Vault started a line of figures designed from descriptions from the books. This brown pipe came with their Gimli action figure.
Fourth and fifth pipes, bottom row: These white pipes came with two variant Gandalf figures from Toy Vault. The top of one and the bottom of the other is shown. Interesting detail: the action figures had a little hole placed strategically in the beard so you could actually show him with the pipe in his mouth. The Sherlock Holmes figure has the same thing, but because he has no beard to hide it in the hole looks like a mole on his lip.

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