Saturday, March 1, 2008


When I went into Z's Toys and More on Thursday Tom had a surprise for me. As well as having a set of figures I had ordered (more on them later), he had also found me a Jin from Samurai Champloo to go with the Mugen I already have. (See Mugen below for picture.) Jin was $15.99 (compared to Mugen's $9.99 price tag), which reflects, I think, his desirability as a character and therefore his availibility (rarer) as a toy. Fuu, as a female action figure, is rarer still and apparently nowhere to be found right now.

Jin (pronounce jeen) comes with the long sword and the short sword traditional to samurai, a base, and a spare head equipped with "wet weather gear" (looks like a 'do-rag to me).

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