Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Peter Jackson as a Hobbit

Got an e-mail from my friend Tom at Z's Toys & More. The action figure of Peter Jackson as a Hobbit that he had been beating the woods for me had finally come in! All the way from Scotland (for some reason this figure seems to have been more available in Great Britain and its Dominions), it cost a mere $16 including shipping. It was out of the box and lacking some little satchel that came with the figure but that's okay, as I would just open it anyway, and this kept the cost down (I saw some places asking more than a hundred for it).

The sculpt and paint are very nice. Peter Jackson's glasses are great, and the bronze vest and brown coat and pants are a very hobbit-like ensemble. The figure itself makes a bit of a nitpick, though: no real Hobbit has so full a beard. Of the three varieties of Hobbits only the Stoors have any facial hair, and that is a light down on the chin, not anything like Jackson's furry chinpelt.


AlanDP said...

Maybe he's a half-hobbit.

Anonymous said...

It probably would have been more accurate, but nearly ascomplimentary, to have designed him as a dwarf... Jb