Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jean-Leon Huens (1921-1982)

Jean-Leon Huens (sometimes abbreviated as Jean Huens) was a Belgian-born artist who did work both in Europe and the United States. He produced many paintings for National Geographic and Reader's Digest, book covers for Dell, and illustrations for Christmas cards, comic book covers, and children's books. He was poised to be a major contributor to Time/Life Books Enchanted World, but passed away after completing only one picture for them. Howard E. Paine, the former Art Director for National Geographic, had this to say about Huens when the artist was inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 2002:
Huens has been a constant if unnamed presence in my life and reading since I was very little, and I am glad to recognize and acknowledge him now.


Babel said...

It is nice to put a name to work that has long been admired, Man those fabrics! He was a Master!

Unknown said...

Dear Brer,

I read with great pleasure that you are an admirer and, may be, potential purchaser of illustrations of Jean-Léon Huens.
Most of his original drawings for children's books, for the "Journal de Tintin", for covers of U.S. paperbacks - including "Prydain Chronicles" - greeting cards, etc ... are for sale in a gallery in Paris (France).
Interested? I would be happy to give you more details ...
Huens Patrick, eldest son of Jean-Léon Huens.