Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Daily Pictures #1: About Daily Pictures

Those who know me know that February is a tough month for me. The enjoyable part of winter is over, and we are left with the hardest cold, all too often encountered here in the south with freezing slop. This has the double disadvantage of confining all activities inside and encouraging (especially in one of my girth and temperament) sloth and hibernation. It does not help that business at my work slacks off, leading to fewer hours and thus less money (never plentiful for me, at the best of times). This leads to drastically reduced consumption of books, movies, etc. to stimulate my imagination, in turn leading to a kind of comatose siege mentality, where the expenditure of energy and resources seem pointless. In short, I grow fallow, taking in what I can and putting out very little. February, for me, is a dark and depressing month.

So, in an effort to combat this sluggishness and the long caesuras it causes in my posting, I have decided to use this time to clean out and organize my image file. To this end, I will be posting between five and seven pictures or so a day, in no particular order and probably very little relation to each other. Each post will be labeled "Daily Pictures #_"; any different subject will, of course, bear an individual title. Dates, titles, and artists will appear on the file names (if known), but many I don't know.

As if it needs to be said, I claim no credit or ownership for any of these pictures, even any that I may have scanned myself. I merely gathered these bouquets from many fields, and present them here to you.

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