Saturday, December 31, 2016

Notes on the Old Year

Well, the year started out a little rocky with my TIA (or mini-stroke), my loss of a job, and the amputation of my toe. And I have limped along (both literally and metaphorically) through the months. But I have accomplished a few things I wanted to do for a long time, in my spare time.

I turned all of my writing (short stories, verses, journals, the beginnings of novels, and dreams) into active documents. I organized our family archives into a rough order. I thinned my books, movies, and CDs, some by selling and others by gift, learning to let go of things. These acts were, in fact, fulfilling a few old New Year's resolutions.

So, new resolutions? I hope to do new writing, more for this blog. I need to get a job my reduced capabilities can handle. Other than that, the future is wide open. Good-bye till next year.

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