Monday, September 15, 2008

Peter Cottontail

The first day of autumnal weather here, and what could be more appropriate than a post about an Easter Bunny action figure? Just about anything. But here is one of the latest to join my jolly group, so let us welcome him, shall we?

This action figure stands 5 1/2" from paw to ear-tip, and is articulated at the neck, arms, and legs. He comes with a basket of brightly colored eggs (not shown) and the weird little human-headed caterpillar/aviator Antoine. This action figure very accurately reproduces Peter Cottontail as he appears in the 70's Rankin/Bass animagic holiday saga, Here Comes Peter Cottontail.

In that show, Peter was voiced by Casey Casem, of radio and Shaggy of Scooby Doo fame. His nemisis, Irontail (whose figure I've had for some time), was voiced by Vincent Price. And of course Seymour S. Sassafras (as well as Colonel Bunny and Antoine) was voiced by Danny Kaye.

The only figure I do not have in this set is Dolly, Peter's somewhat perfunctory love interest, who comes with Bonny the Easter Bonnet. I saw on an old site several projected figures, mostly variants of Peter and Irontail, that never got made.

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AlanDP said...

The weather today put me in mind of that book review you wrote once called "The Books of Autumn" or something like that.