Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rasputin and Young Hellboy

Back when the original Hellboy movie came out, I was not all that enthusiastic about it. That is, what I saw of it from commercials and reviews didn't make me want to go and see it. Even after it came out on DVD and my brother Yen had us all watch it, I was a little stand-offish. But after it was around a while and I watched it a few times, it began to grow on me. The main theme, that it is not one's birth and circumstances that make a person, but the choices he makes in life, is one to which I whole-heartedly agree. By the time my affection for Hellboy really bloomed, the movie had been out for a few years, and action figures were kind of scarce. I got a stray Abe Sapien, and then a Hellboy, but I didn't even know who else was available. Correction: I didn't even think about looking for old figures until a couple of weeks ago. And I found Rasputin, the main villain.

He stands seven inches tall, and comes with the mechanical glove key he used to open the dimensional gate at the beginning of the movie. The glove is removable. Included with the figure is one of the Young Hellboy, which stands about four inches tall. Hellboy seems slightly larger in proportion than he did in the movie.

There are other figures in the series: Kroenin, Samaael (don't quote me on those spellings!), and Hellboy as he appears with his full horns and fiery crown. I wouldn't mind getting them, but they're nothing I feel the need to go hunting after. My jones at the moment are for the Series Two from Hellboy 2. Can't wait!

The picture above isn't mine, of course, but a nice display.

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