Friday, February 1, 2008


The Andorian. Perhaps best known from the original series for the fake Andorian who made an attempt to disrupt the conference on Babel, in the course of which the Tellarite Ambassador was killed and Captain Kirk wounded. In the group above, he's the light blue fellow with the antennae.

This is the last figure I got in the Hastings trove, and it is a sentimental favorite. I just had to show the entire line-up from the card. Back in the day (early 70's) my brothers and I had Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scottie, Uhura, and the Klingon, and the crew of the Enterprise had many an adventure with the fellow Mego action figures from the Planet of the Apes. Their battered remains, often missing limbs, accessories, and clothes, are lovingly preserved in a special plastic container, along with what is left of our large G. I. Joes (one with kung fu grip!).

Of course we never even saw the rarer aliens like the Mugato, Romulan, Gorn, "Neptunian", or Andorian, so it is a real treat to have these detailed reproductions of original molds. Nothing like a dream come true, even after 30 years or so.

This figure came in special re-sealable packaging, the likes of which I've never seen before. A quote from the card: "From 1974-1979, the legendary MEGO Corp. produced the first licensed STAR TREK toys ever! Their designs have become timeless and their value immeasurable...but now you can own painstaking reproductions, recreated to provide this generation with the quality and playability first established by MEGO founder MARTY ABRAMS, the father of the modern action figure!"

That's quite some claim.

The Andorian is 8 inches tall (standard MEGO size), wears "retro cloth" clothes, and has no accessories. The cost was $17.99. Relevant e-mail addresses from the package are and

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