Saturday, February 23, 2008

Turn Me On, Deadman

Got this at Z's Toys and More yesterday, for $8.99. What kind of freaked me out was years ago my brothers and I had a character called Deadman we used in our action figure playings. Deadman was a 3 & 3/4" Universal Studios Mummy, animated solely by the power of his beloved teddy bear, which he carried in his backpack at all times. Remove the bear, and he was powerless.

This Deadman is easily 8 inches tall, a skeleton in a tattered unitard with a big "D" on it. It is from DC Direct, "Direct from the pages of artist Alex Ross and writer Mark Waid's best-selling graphic novel!", Kingdom Come.

From his box: "At the dawn of the 21st Century, Earth's greatest heroes have gone into retirement. The public turns to a new breed of super hero--committed to 'cleansing' society of all its criminals with methods of terror and viloence, rather than salvation.

"When events finally bring destruction closer to home, the reclusive SUPERMAN returns from his self-imposed decades-long bring Earth's true heroes back...unknowingly setting in motion a crisis that could lead to Armageddon!"

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