Thursday, February 14, 2008


Another figure from Z's Toys and More, from the anime show Yu-Yu Hakusho, or Ghost Files. Kurama is the figure at the bottom.

I saw Yu-Yu Hakusho on Cartoon Network. It's the story of a troubled teen, Yusuke Yurameshi, who is killed trying to save a young boy's life. He is recruited by Botan, a sort of female "Grim Reaper", on behalf of Yema Jr., son of the Lord of Death, to return to life and become a spirit detective, tracking down ghosts and demons that are causing trouble on the spiritual plane. Kurama and Hiei are two such troublemakers that he manages to win over and who join his force.

Kurama is a combination of a human and a fox spirit, with special power over plants. His greatly extendable "rose whip" is his major form of attack.

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