Monday, February 25, 2008

News and Notes

Just a few scraps of what I've been doing:

Yesterday I bought two cases with three 12"x12"x3" drawers in each. Today I've been transferring the Armory from my old toolbox into these. One drawer for swords and knives; one for axes, hammers and clubs; one for spears, staffs and pikes; one for shields and helmets; one for bows and arrows and miscellaneous weapons. The sixth is empty but I'm thinking of reserving it for special props.

Yesterday my brother John glued the hand back onto my Cave Troll. A few weeks ago my cat Shadow--I hesitate to call him my cat, he just lives with me--knocked the Troll down and busted its' spear hand. The poor old Troll is showing some fissures in the rubber skin that covers his cheeks that moves when he roars; wish there was some way of repairing that. We speculate that around the country there are skull-faced Trolls languishing in thousands of toyboxes.

Friday before last I bought a two figure set from Stargate:Atlantis that was discounted because the bubble had come detached from the card. It was down from $26.99 to $19.99. The figures were Ascended Daniel Jackson and Anubis, both dressed in hooded/robey clothes. They didn't even have a good picture on the card, so I can't show them, yet.

My friend Tom at Z's Toys and More has tracked me down a Smeagol: Stoor Fisherman and two boxed sets of characters from The Year Without a Santa Claus, and they are in the mail. This Smeagol is how he appeared before he became Gollum, and is one of the only 3 (well, 4, if you count the Fell Beast) LOTR action figures that I don't have now; the others are Hama and Peter Jackson as a Hobbit.

The picture above is from an E-bay auction. It shows a collection of boy scout gear that we kids used to have way back when. Just showing it for nostalgia.

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Anonymous said...

it' weird that we actually got this set; I'm trying to imagine the scenario in which we could've conned Mom or Pop into doing it. My best theory is that Mike bought it with his dog feeding allowance to supplement his Geronimo/G.I. Joe figures. Who knows? John