Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jared Grace

The family went to see The Spiderwick Chronicles recently, and their reviews were generally positive. When I went by Hastings today I saw this one figure and decided to get it (well, he has a book, doesn't he?). It cost $13.99.

The figure is of Jared Grace, the main protagonist of the film. He comes with four seeing-stones, one messenger bag, and one field guide. You can "Squeeze Jared's legs together for Seeing Stone and Field Guide action!"; in other words, his hand raises mechanically to his face.

Once unwrapped, I found that this figure embodied most of the qualities that I dislike in action figures in general. The details of the sculpt were large and clumsy. The body itself was made of a type of brittle plastic that I know from experience can chip and break easily. The mechanical action of the arms and legs is rattling and loose, and fairly pointless: ooh, book lifting action! Even the packaging seemed bulky and over-elaborate, as if they were trying to camouflage their big-priced small item.

Below is a picture of the other figures available in the line. I don't think I'll be breaking my back trying to find them. They are made by Irwin Toys, at http://www.irwintoy.com.

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Anonymous said...

these figures actually look pretty cool, but if what you were saying about their construction is true, probably best to wait until they hit the discount bins. It's kind of hard for me to resist a fantasy pig character forever! John